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Child Abuse Awareness Seminar

In 2013, The Caring Place marked our 35th year of helping people BREAK the cycle of Violence... Completing the Circle of HOPE.. by hosting author and reporter, Britten Follet, to come to Valparaiso, and speak to us about her book, "Who Killed Kelsey" and the trials and tribulations of Child Abuse in our country. "We elect our politicians based on their stance on healthcare, abortion, the war in Iraq. Child abuse kills more children each year than soldiers die in war. Yet we continue to ignore the issue." Come be a part of this effort to save our children.

We invited a range of people to attend... from politicians, law enforcement, school officials, and members of our community who would like to raise awareness as well. Britten is an accomplished writer and speaker, and has a true passion for this cause.


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